Punta Gorda Chapel

215 Mary Street (33950)
Post Office Box 495096
Punta Gorda, Florida 33949-5096
Phone: 941-639-7500
Maps and Directions

We proudly provide high quality funeral and cremation services to the Punta Gorda community. Built in 1991, our Punta Gorda location is conveniently located and provides ample parking Maskrider Blade. Our visitation room is intimate, but opens up to accommodate larger groups. Our formal chapel has pew seating for 150 people and offers a 60-inch flat screen TV for video tributes 네코랜드 스튜디오 다운로드.

This facility has everything on premise. We have a cremation room with urns and alternative containers, as well as a separate selection room for caskets and burial vaults Ubuntu Eclipse.

Our family arrangement rooms are comfortable and warm so you and your loved ones will feel relaxed and at ease.

Call today to arrange a tour of our Punta Gorda location Download the dark map.